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setup::InstallData Class Reference

Inherits distutils::command::install_data::install_data.

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Detailed Description

This class is largely copied from setup.py in Terminator 0.8.1 by Chris Jones <cmsj@tenshu.net>

Definition at line 15 of file setup.py.

Public Member Functions

def run

Static Public Attributes

string author = 'Damon Lynch'
string author_email = 'damonlynch@gmail.com'
dictionary cmdclass = {'install_data': InstallData}
list data_files
string description = 'Rapid Photo Downloader for Linux'
string license = 'GPL'
string maintainer = 'Damon Lynch'
 package_data = package_data,
list packages = ['rapid']
list platforms = ['linux']
list scripts = ['rapid-photo-downloader']
string url = 'http://www.damonlynch.net/rapid'

Private Member Functions

def _compile_po_files

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