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rapid::rapid::ThreadManager Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Manages the threads that actually download photos and videos

Definition at line 179 of file rapid.py.

Public Member Functions

def __getitem__
def __len__
def append
def completedDownload
def disableWorker
def firstWorkerReadyToDownload
def firstWorkerReadyToStart
def getAutoStartWorkers
def getDownloadingWorkers
def getFinishedWorkers
def getNextThread_id
def getNonFinishedWorkers
def getNotDownloadingAndNotFinishedWorkers
def getNotDownloadingWorkers
def getPausedDownloadingWorkers
def getReadyToDownloadWorkers
def getReadyToStartWorkers
def getRunningWorkers
def getScanningWorkers
def getStartedWorkers
def getWaitingForJobCodeWorkers
def getWorkers
def noDownloadingWorkers
def noPausedWorkers
def noReadyToDownloadWorkers
def noReadyToStartWorkers
def noRunningWorkers
def noScanningWorkers
def printWorkerStatus
def quitAllWorkers
def scanComplete
def startWorkers

Private Member Functions

def _isDownloading
def _isFinished
def _isPaused
def _isReadyToDownload
def _isReadyToStart
def _isScanning

Static Private Attributes

list _workers = []

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